James The Gardener

Established in 1998, James The Gardener offers a wealth of experience in turning dream gardens into reality.

No matter how large or small your garden, how simple or complex your aspirations, James can advise, design and create gardens that truly offer a wow factor.

Throughout Ramsbottom, Greenmount, Tottington, Hawkshaw, Rossendale and the greater Lancashire area, James has transformed the homes of many of his clients, turning dull, uninspiring gardens, into outdoor 'rooms' where people genuinely want to spend time and share the space with friends.

At James The Gardener, we don't just turn a garden into something wonderful, we provide a sustainable and maintainable area that's easy to upkeep and stays looking great, year in year out.

If you're looking for the very best in local landscape gardening, garden maintenance or garden building - talk to James today for a free, no obligation consultation. You won't be disappointed.

Landscape Design

Landscaping a garden is far more that adding a few rocks, plants and curves. It's far more than adding a pond or water feature and exotic plants.

We take landscaping seriously, which means understand the nature of your project - fitting in with your home, how you'd like to utilise your garden, and very importantly how much or how little maintenance you can cope with.

When you require a garden to be truly landscaped in sympathy with all your requirements, then James The Gardener should be top of your list.

Gardens To Enjoy

Your garden should never be problem part of your property. It really should be seen as an 'outside' space to escape into.

No matter if you just want to look out on a wonderful area, or sit in the very heart of your garden, it should provide enjoyment to you and your family.

You'd be surprised at how good garden design can provide zone where you can escape to and relax, but also enjoy the space with your friends. It brings nature back to your home.

At James The Gardener, we make gardens come to live. We make gardens to be enjoyed.

Expert Advice

We understand that many of our clients are not expert gardeners. We also understand that many people have a good idea of things they like, but not how to transform their idea into reality.

That's where James The Gardener can make a genuine difference in your garden plans.

We can interpret your ideas and discuss potential designs with you. Our expertise can help you make informed decisions and offer you the best possibly garden solutions to meet your needs.

Give James The Gardener a call today, and discover how YOUR garden can be transformed?

Bespoke Oak

If you value quality workmanship in durable and attractive wood, then there's no substitute for enjoying oak in your garden.

From decking to decor, garden tables to gates and more, we provide expert craftsmanship in oak.

  • Gates & fencing
  • Tables & chairs
  • Decking & paths
  • Gazebos and more


Decking is the perfect way to transform your garden. We design and build bespoke traditional and contemporary decked areas to suit your needs.

All timber used by us comes from sustainable forests and has a manufacturer's guarantee of 15 years.

Stone Walling

We specialise in both traditional wet and dry stone walls.

Whatever size or shape wall you require - we can build it, in a variety of different stone types to suit your home and garden.

Our walls are not purely for decorative purposes, but offer true structural integrity, ideal for long lasting designs.

Garden Maintenance

James the Gardener can keep your garden professionally maintained, with reliable and regular calls throughout the year, regardless of weather. We will move your garden forward with pro-active improvements all year round.

Previously tired and dreary gardens will blossom and flourish under our skilled care. From the moment we set foot in your garden, our objective is not simply to maintain, but to enhance.

Like all other living and breathing organisms, your garden needs sustenance. James the Gardener ensures your garden will reach its full potential and value.

If your garden is currently neglected we can carry out a renovation at a price to suit your budget.

Turfing and Seeding

Domestic lawns have benefitted greatly from the research and successes of the commercial sports grass industry, as there is now a multitude of choices in both turf and seed, allowing a particular mix to be installed specific to your own individual needs.

For example, you may have shade issues; perhaps your children view the lawn as their personal playground; heavy traffic and pets can dictate your choice, or maybe you would like your lawn to be a lush green even in drought or through mid-winter.

James the Gardener guarantees you a lawn that fits your family's and garden's needs exactly. With proper care it will give you a lifetime's use and pleasure.


Lawns are your garden's carpet... you would not have an unkempt, tired, threadbare carpet in your living room, so why treat your lawns differently? - far more people see it.

Look upon your lawn as your garden's main focal point - a perfect, lush green, striped sward creates an appearance of care, space and health, inviting use.

James the Gardner will exceed all your expectations. Even lawns that clients believe need re-turfing can be turned into a pristine lush green oasis within a few months, and at a fraction of the replacement costs.

James the gardner can cut your lawn to an average height of 20 to 40mm dependent on grass type, leaving a perfectly striped finish, viewed from the house.